If you are counting carbohydrates, there’s a good chance that you are diabetic, or the family member of one.

Carbohydrates are not something people pay much attention to on nutritional labels until a doctor tells them they need to.

I’ve decided that if you need to count carbs, then you deserve to get as much out of the limited number of grams or exchange points you get per meal. I’m doing my research to expand my cooking skills, eat a better diet. I’m will share what I find because I can.

This is day one. The domain name is less than twenty-four hours old, this is the first published post on what I hope grows to become a popular destination site for Diabetic and Low-Carb meal planning resources. I hope that you appreciate this site, and add me to your bookmarks.

I’ll be posting articles with recipes and meal planning ideas and links to helpful tips to make your Carb Counting more enjoyable. I can understand how intimidating it can be to accommodate a special needs diet. It’s in how you look at it. It’s good for the whole family to eat better. You don’t have to look very far when you are out and about to see that we, for the most part, are getting wider.

Decades of unhealthy food choices eventually catch up with us in the form of Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Worn out Joints and Organs… and the Healthcare industry stands by ready to profit from every lab visit, doctor’s appointment, and prescription they write in the name of keeping you alive… while they profit from every visit or treatment. There’s a healthcare facility building boom on in my region. I’m betting this is a nationwide trend as we continue to get older and fatter as a society.

I’m not here to place blame or point fingers or rant. My goal for this site is to empower you to know the difference between a good carbohydrate and a bad one; and for you to enjoy meals and snacks instead of dreading trying to figure out what you’re allowed to eat.

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