Sweet. Spicy. Low-Carb.

Low cost ingredients & super simple prep make this Savory salad recipe right for your next potluck or late night sweet-tooth.

In my opinion, it looks it’s best when it’s first mixed up. I think the flavor is better after it’s had 12-24 hours to sit and combine.

It makes an attractive color combination with the yellow pineapple purples of the red-onion, green of the cilantro make you want to know what it is.

Once you smell the bouquet of aromas blending, you’ll have to have a bite.

With a full tablespoon of the Sambal Oelek in it, it’s really hot. It’s almost brutal to eat. First time I tried it, I used a half a tablespoon of the chili paste and it didn’t have the kick I was looking for. Somewhere in between is a happy compromise on the heat.

I like fine diced onions for this recipe.
I cut the cilantro with my heavy duty kitchen scissors. I use them on fresh herbs. I’ve even taken them out to the family garden to cut enough for the dish I’m preparing. There’s a real sense of satisfaction that comes from cutting your herbs right as they’re growing and within minutes they are in my meal prep. Fresh as fresh can get.

I make this recipe with chunk pineapple. Go for the ones packed in juice rather than heavy syrup for an immediate savings on carbohydrates. I drain mine before I mix it. I let the pineapple stand in a colander while i dice the onions and cut the cilantro.

I think this recipe would work well with any cut of pineapple. I want to try it with rings and then grill them after they’ve marinated for a while. I think you could make a salsa of sorts with the tidbits or crushed.

I think this would make a good chicken marinade as well.

Please remember that as soon as you add raw meat to it, it’s contaminated with the associated bacteria and the like. If you choose to use it as a marinade it’s not safe to eat raw.