I love to eat.

I used to like to cook, but as I’ve gotten older, not so much. I tend to like meals that are simple to prepare, and don’t require unusual ingredients. I like trying new dishes, I dislike buying an ingredient I’ve never cooked with before and only have one dish to use it in.

My kitchen is spartan by most people’s standards. Less is more for me. I like utensils and cookware that I can use for everything instead of all these specialty tools that take longer to wash than to use.

I have one Calphalon skillet and two cheap copper bottom saucepans that I use for almost every meal. I’m a big fan of the microwave.I’d rather use it when I can get away with it. We use ours to steam veggies, scramble eggs, and make late night quesadillas in addition to the usual warming coffee and making popcorn.

If your counting carbs, its not just staying under your carb counts,it’s about hitting your carb goals in order to stabilize your blood sugar. Making sure that you eat is as important as what you eat. it’s got to happen. I understand how challenging it can be to figure out what you can and cannot eat.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may be cooking for just yourself because your family sees this new lifestyle of carb-counting your individual concern, rather than that of the whole family. I feel a family needs to be understanding and sympathetic to the needs of the diabetic family members. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the family to transition towards a more healthy diet.

I am not diabetic. Not yet at least. I’m mid forties and have battled my weight most of my life. I have gone up and down and up and down and up again… You know the routine. It gets a little harder to take it off each time, and gets a little easier to put it on.

My weight is up again. My energy levels are down, and I have more episodes of heartburn and indigestion when I’m heavy than when I’m not. My back, hips and knees ache more often.

I’m a dad. My son is almost seven and it’s getting harder to keep up with him. He’s just going to get faster from here. It’s time to get it in gear.

I started carbsnob because eating better is important to my family. My go to meal plans are stuck in a rut and I can share what I find with others.

I hope you enjoy.